About Leverage Consulting

Leverage Consulting – The Power of Experience

Built on the expansive experience of founder Kevin Johnson—a 17-year veteran of dental and medical consulting—Leverage Consulting helps build dental and medical practices into highly successful businesses. We work with each client to develop a customized program that addresses business practices, team collaboration, organization, workplace stress, and more. We help your team implement proven systems to increase efficiency and profitability while decreasing stress and anxiety.

Leverage Consulting offers:

  • Customized consulting services designed specifically for your practice
  • In-depth seminars on vital business management topics
  • Individualized training sessions for practice leaders and team members

Kevin Johnson – President

Kevin Johnson is a recognized leader in the dental and medical communities, with a successful track record of helping practices transform into more profitable, more effective businesses. Over the past 17 years, Kevin has worked with hundreds of practices, ranging from startups to well-established multi-location and multi-doctor practices. This has led Kevin to develop a series of innovative best practices that are adapted to each client to achieve optimal results.

Kevin provides insightful, experience-supported guidance on the clinical, administrative, marketing, and business issues affecting today’s medical and dental practices. He brings substantial experience working with a variety of dental and medical office systems, which helps him improve operations from the inside out while using resources that are already in place. Kevin also brings a unique perspective to the office dynamics that affect staff performance and inter-office relations. He is able to provide instant feedback, based on real-world experience, so that clients can move forward quickly with new initiatives.

A professional speaker with experience in team building, tailored consulting solutions, and problem-solving, Kevin offers clients individualized training sessions, team-building seminars, and a customized business consulting. He is results-driven and passionate about helping practices grow to their full potential—and providing a better life at work for owners and staffs along the way.


Austin Murdock – Junior Consultant

Austin is a graduate of Clemson University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences. Over his life, Austin has developed a drive and passion for patient care which stems from an extensive pediatric medical history. Through his experiences of being on the receiving end of healthcare, Austin has witnessed both exceptional and less than desirable patient care first hand, granting him the ability to analyze situations with compassion and a keen eye. With his education and his medical experiences, Austin provides a new and creative angle for our consulting team, providing both medical and practical insight behind the statistics and numbers.

Austin grew up with a passion for music and leadership, mastering different instruments through thousands of hours of dedication and practice. This allowed him to be a part of multiple ensembles, including the Clemson University Drumline, during his time at Clemson. He also served as a member of the leadership team for another local, independent ensemble, where he learned to fine-tune his leadership capabilities. His passion for music, fused with his love for helping others, culminated in his last two years of college where he served as a volunteer teacher for a local high school and middle school indoor percussion program. From these experiences, Austin learned many things including the value of setting a good example and the importance of respect and teamwork.

Austin’s dedication to success as a student, teacher, and musician has branched outwards, where he has taken up a passion for business and entrepreneurialism. Austin’s competitiveness, drive, and dedication, coupled with his education and personal experiences, enhances our team with a unique and broadened viewpoint.

Kellie Anderson – Junior Consultant

Kellie Anderson has developed astute project management, customer communication, and technology training skills invaluable to Leverage Consulting through her time as a design engineer for Duke Energy. In this role, she was responsible for her own territory where she handled commercial and residential projects. Her work included managing these projects from start to finish, ensuring a final product that met the customers’ needs, and going above their expectations to meet their timelines.

Kellie prepared herself for a career in project management and customer service by attending The Citadel, the military college of South Carolina. Learning to lead by serving, she held various ranks, most notably as the athletic cadre executive officer where she was second in command over a staff of 24, as well as 74 incoming athlete freshman. The athletic cadre are charged with training the incoming freshman athletes in the daily demands of life as a cadet and teaching them how to successfully balance life as a cadet athlete. Her four years spent as a cadet athlete instilled in her the drive to achieve excellence no matter how small the task and the realization that every mission depends on the team’s commitment, both to each other and to ultimate goals of the mission.

Kellie’s cadet experience, combined with her Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s of Arts in English degrees, allows Kellie to help practice owners see beyond their current reality and envision new, more productive paths. Driven by her passion for teaching, her fascinations with people and processes, and her admiration for words and wit, Kellie brings a vibrant and fresh perspective to our team.