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About Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson is a recognized leader in the dental and medical communities, with a successful track record of helping practices transform into more profitable, more effective businesses. Over the past 20 years, Kevin has worked with hundreds of practices, ranging from startups to well-established multi-location and multi-doctor practices. This has led Kevin to develop a series of innovative best practices that are adapted to each client to achieve optimal results. As a professional speaker and coach with experience in team building, tailored consulting and problem-solving solutions, Kevin offers his clients productive strategies for success. His individualized training sessions, team-building seminars, and customized business consultations are proven to help his clients reach and sometimes exceed their goals for their practice. He is results-driven and passionate about helping practices grow to their full potential—and providing a better life at work for owners and team members along the way.

Unplug to Recharge

As a coach and consultant for many practitioners, business owners, and managers over the years, I run into a consistent and recurring problem. The issue that I often hear from clients is that they are feeling overwhelmed, burnt-out, frustrated, all alone in the business, and I even hear clients tell me that they are in [...]

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Beware of the Trojan Horse

Bad Attitudes That Disrupt Team Culture and Progress Leadership is the most exciting responsibility yet has the most opportunity to be just as deflating.  Many of our exciting and deflating moments are related to other people – our team members.   To grow an organization you need people to scale, to sell services and products, [...]

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Customer Service – Is it a Checklist or not?

We all want customers to have the best possible experience.  Exceptional customer experiences are better than any paid marketing – by a long shot!  And the absolutely cool thing is that most customers are looking for what is wrong.  Some are looking for reasons to complain.  So how easy is it to exceed someone’s [...]

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