Customer Service – Is it a Checklist or not?

We all want customers to have the best possible experience.  Exceptional customer experiences are better than any paid marketing – by a long shot!  And the absolutely cool thing is that most customers are looking for what is wrong.  Some are looking for reasons to complain.  So how easy is it to exceed someone’s [...]

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Extreme Ownership of Your Practice

“I haven’t heard anything new in years,” one of my former clients told me. “I hope you are bringing good material, because the last few seminars I have attended I could have taught myself,” shared one of my current clients.  Challenged by these comments, I reflected on my 17 years of working with oral surgery [...]

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Empower Your Team with Development Plans

Leadership vs. Management Leadership is the key to getting the most out of your most important assets/investments. But what are your most important assets? Equipment, such as a chair or hand piece, is vital to your daily activities. But is it your most vital asset?  Just follow the money. Equipment is typically a fixed [...]

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