What Clients Are Saying

“When you hear that your office has a hired a consultant, the first thing that everyone’s thinks is “Heads are going to roll!” My family and friends were telling me to watch out. I was scared to death! Working with Kevin at Leverage Consulting has been the totally opposite. Not scary at all. The best comparison of working with a consultant is working with a personal trainer. Kevin brings out the best in me and our office. He guides us, gives us different perspectives, and the tools we need to achieve our professional goals. Kevin’s insight has helped us to fine tune our office systems for not only a better patient experience, but also less stressful workdays. I am no longer putting out daily fires. We have been able to accomplish many of our short-term goals and are looking forward to a productive future.”

B.W., Pediatric Dental Practice Office Manager

“We just wrapped up our best month and year ever! Had our 1st $300K month of production at $300,979 and blew out that $2.4 mil goal, barely missing $2.5 mil at $2,494,790 in production! The team is all fired up! Thanks for all of your help these past few years!”

S.S., Oral Surgeon

“Love this consulting firm! They have helped my business improve in every avenue and help make dentistry fun every day! Thank you Kevin!”

S.F., Dentist

“When it comes to consulting companies, I’ve seen a few. I’ve liked some, and others, not so much. Kevin Johnson is praiseworthy! Not only has he helped me my find my way as an Office Manager, but his expertise in the Dental field has helped our team in achieving its goals and taught us how to hire great new team members as we grow. His knowledge is reflected in the increase in production, collections and our new patient numbers! The only regret is that I didn’t know Kevin sooner. Our years with Kevin are some of the best we’ve had. I am looking forward to many more years of growth and learning with Leverage Consulting.”

S.C., Office Manager General Dental/Multi-Specialty Practice

“We have a pediatric dental practice which means we see a lot of little patients and that brings a lot of interesting daily challenges. Working with Kevin has been rewarding not only in a financial aspect but also by decreasing our office stress. One of our initial goals was to improve our office systems thereby reducing our staff fatigue. With Kevin’s experience, he was able to pinpoint changes that would address our concerns and improve the patient family experience. Now we are more efficient, with the same number of staff members, higher production, better patient/parent communication, and most importantly…. Less stress.”

W.M., Pediatric Dentist

“I have really appreciated working with Kevin over the last several years. When we first started working with him, one thing that impressed me most was the effort that he made to really get to know our team—its strengths and weaknesses and our current systems—and he used all that data to really personalize a plan that would capitalize on what was good, but also improve upon what was not working well. Kevin has become more than just a consultant to us—he’s become a coach, a cheerleader, a trainer, a seat-kicker when we needed it, and really, a friend to our practice. His input has been invaluable to helping our team and our practice grow.”

M.G., Accounts Manager

“We’ve worked with Kevin for years! He’s amazing and has great skills in helping us build a great practice!”

C.B., Oral Surgery Practice Manager

“Kevin’s talent and expertise enhanced my professional life, as well as, my personal life. As a former colleague, Kevin was always able to help problem solve situations and develop solutions that would achieve the primary goals. I also observed the ongoing success his clients continually achieved and because of that I recommended that my husband seek Kevin’s advice for his practice. As the wife of an Oral Surgeon, the benefits to me have been watching my husband’s practice grow exponentially through custom tailored solutions, a focus on developing the team and designing systems for a low stress environment. We’ve found peace of mind when working with a trusted advisor such as Kevin.”

J.G., Multi-Location Oral Surgery Practice

“Kevin and Leverage Consulting have been helping to improve and build our Pediatric Dental Practice for years. We have seen measurable improvements in patient and practice numbers along with increased efficiency and workplace satisfaction. Kevin is a thorough and organized professional consultant who has experience and knowledge of dental office systems and dynamics. Our practice has seen tremendous value in having a partner like Kevin and Leverage Consulting.”

M.M., Pediatric Dentist

“Your talent for business and finance is second to none!! I wish every office or business struggling or just wants real, candid and honest advice on how to succeed knew about you!! I recommend you highly to everyone I know.”

J.P., Orthodontic Practice Office Manager

As an oral surgeon that runs an 800+ unit dental implant practice and lectures on dental implant practices, I expect nothing short of direct and effective. I have partnered with Kevin many times over the years and his trusted advice and tailored solutions have enabled me to maintain and continuously improve the systems crucial to the operation of my business. His many years of experience give him an incredibly unique perspective and developed in him an approach that not only drives the point home but makes clear the path to achieve optimal results.

Jay Platt, Oral Surgeon

My partners and I were initially hesitant about bringing a consultant into our practice. We were all working in our practice but not on our practice. Kevin’s focus on operational excellence pointed us all in the same direction and towards common goals. He has challenged our team to work more effectively, moving forward with renewed positive attitudes and rekindled passions. It is hard to believe that even after an increase of $310,000 in production over a year, we feel as though we have actually worked less. With improved office systems and a more cohesive team culture, once again, we look forward to heading to the office and cannot wait to see how far we climb after another year with Kevin’s coaching.

Dr. Josh Fennell, Dentist

I hired Leverage Consulting about a year ago desiring to achieve our goals and obtain operational excellence.  I had been in solo practice more than 20 years and had a profitable practice, but the stress and chaos that sometimes accompanied practice growth seemed to be difficult to manage.  Although I wanted to continue to  grow the practice and improve the bottom line, I wanted to accomplish this in a way that would improve team performance and efficiency, reduce stress, and have a happier team and happier patients.  Kevin has the ability to assess the many aspects of the practice and design plans that utilize systems, proven strategies and solutions to achieve our goals.

Dr. David Todd, Oral Surgeon

Often times it takes more than a strong will and hard work to achieve a successful business… that is where Kevin’s leadership and direction made a big impact to our already successful practice. I hired Kevin and have used his services twice; the first time was ten years ago and since then, our practice has become the premier oral surgery and dental implant group practice in San Diego. Using the foundation of his recommendations and the systems and framework he helped us put into motion, we’ve achieved many of our professional and personal goals. This has afforded me the quality of life and level of income that I visualized for myself and my team early in my career. I tell people who are considering hiring Kevin, that they will make millions if they do EXACTLY what Kevin tells them to do.

Dr. Robert Gramins, Oral Surgeon

“Kevin with Leverage Consulting joined our Texas Maxillofacial Surgery team as a consultant in 2018. We have gained so much insight and knowledge at every level of our practice. He was able to address our business practices, management systems, team collaboration, organizational protocols, workplace stress, and much more. There are several systems and protocols in which he gave us his consulting expertise to help with increasing efficiency and profitability. Kevin made tailored suggestions relating to new systems and changes to existing systems that fit our practice’s needs. Several suggestions were implemented and will continue to be used for the foreseeable future. He is not only easy to talk to but easy to get ahold of. Kevin always got back to us in a timely manner and scheduling conference calls with him is a breeze. Regarding my position as the practice manager, Kevin was able to help me transition smoothly into this role with valuable information and ideas to implement with my team. I not only consider Kevin a stellar consultant and speaker, but with the ease of our professional relationship and all I learned from him, I consider him a friend. I highly recommend Kevin and Leverage Consulting for all your dental and medical consulting needs.”

-JoAnna H., Practice Manager at Texas Maxillofacial Surgery

Thank you so very much for your time and attention to detail the last two days. I, for one, appreciate the clear and concise directions. I had a meeting with the staff this morning and have implemented several of the action items with dates and metrics in place to follow progress. I will let you know all about it. It is so important for any business to put into place personal and team goals in order to prosper. I am grateful that we have a hands-on consultant who is both proactive and responsive.”

Lisa, Practice Manager, Multi-Specialty Practice Manhattan, NY